Talk: Berlin Large Scale 3D Mapping for Robots Meetup

Few hours ago I gave a short introduction to OSM Buildings at Berlin Large Scale 3D Mapping for Robot Meetup.

We've presented our fields of interest and identified a few topics for next meetups.
Most likely we will deal with data processing, legal aspects and capturing via drones outdoors. There's good chance to collaborate with MaptimeBER in a flight session at former Berlin Tempelhof Airport.

I was impressed by high skill and experience level of all participants and I'm happy everyone was interested in OSM Buildings. It would be a very interesting application to offload and visualize automatically captured 3D data.

See you next time.

Demo Video



German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel reporting about MakeCity Festival Berlin

MakeCity Festival takes place from June 11th to 28th in Berlin.
There are 85 talks and workshops about urban planning and architecture.

One project mentioned there is BuergerBautStadt.de which supports citiciens paticipation in planning and change processes.

We are very happy the project has chosen OSM Buildings for visualizing its geometry.


Integration of OpenWebGIS with “OSM Buildings” JavaScript library

OpenWebGIS is the new open web GIS - Geographic Information System. It is a free and open source project. You can use the extensive mathematical functionality to calculate and analyze your data, you even can create real 3D map. Using OpenWebGIS, you will get online GIS at your disposal, it may be similar in functionality to some desktop GIS. You can get some ideas of the OpenWebGIS possibilities, if you read the articles from this list: http://openwebgis.livejournal.com/10393.html. And you can also view this list of videos.  In OpenWebGIS an interesting and remarkable “OSM Buildings” JavaScript library for visualizing OpenStreetMaps building geometry on interactive maps has been integrated.
In order to add the “OSM Buildings” Layer on the map you must first click on the button:
in the upper right corner of the map. This button has the title: "OSM Buildings. Click for visualizing OpenStreetMaps building geometry …". After that in the list of layers on the left of the map there will be the new  “OSM Buildings” layer. See the Figure 1 to get more information.

Figure 1.


Talk: State of the Map US 2015

I gave a talk "3 years of OSM Buildings" at State of the Map US conference June 2015 at United Nations Head Quarters in New York City. That's a lot of big names and it was even more visitors with big names. I'll write anther post about my impressions.

But first the talk, recorded and uploaded by the great organizing team.

Talk video, all in one.

Demo video, shown during the talk.

Slides as PDF, shown during the talk