3D Print at WhereCamp 2015

At WhereCamp 2015 we presented a little special about 3d printing.
Of course it was all about map data.

It's not an all new idea, but we made it distinctive by allowing people to select OpenStreetMap data right in OSM Buildings, go to a few subsequent steps and take their printed result home.

To keep this as fast as possible, selectable areas were limited to 200x200 meters and print size was limited to 30x30 mm.

Whole setup turned out to work pretty well.
During the day majority of attendees showed up and asked many questions.
At this point, many thanks to the nice people from http://3d-button.com for operating the printer and handling the data.

From all the feedback and despite some prints gone wrong, this was a great success.

Technical Background

Key to make the whole presentation possible was the API from 3D-button.com.
With that, I was able to programmatically upload STL files.

After I got it working, I had to create a conversion process from OSM data to triangles and then to STL.
It's worth noting that this process will be available as a public OSM-to-3DPrint API soon.

Also I created an easy to use selection mechanism for OSM Buildings (Menu -> 3D Print)

Finally all got wired and a lot of test prints and fine tuning has been done.

The result you see here is the very last print at WhereCamp. After gaining more and more experience in selecting suitable data, proper print material, data handling etc. we found this an optimum.

Find the slides of my talk about the project here.